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Easy To Install Clothes Dryer Vent Booster
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For Clothes Dryers with a long-run exhaust duct. Long run duct increases drying time power consumption, plus wear and tear on the dryer. With lint build-up and obstructions in long run ducts the risk of dryer fire increases.

  • Ball bearing Motor OUT of Air Stream. No lint on Motor and no place for the lint to collect.
  • Install right next to dryer or anywhere in the line. No Lint Trap Needed if installing next to the dryer! No Lint Trap means no automatic lint build-up. Lint statement
  • All DryerJet models have Rubber Feet installed to stand on the floor or a shelf. Can also mount horizontally. See Instructions and illustration
  • The DryerJet tested excellently on runs over 100 effective feet* tested to proposed UL 705 Supplement for Dryer Boosters and Army Corps of Engineers Technical Letter #1110-3-483 that requires maintaining air velocity of 1200 Feet Per Minute (FPM). Produces 120 Cubic Feet per minute (CFM) Motor draws 1 amp.

* Effective feet computation: Each foot of straight pipe = 1 foot. Each 90° bend = 5 feet. Each 45° bend = 2.5 feet.

  9460 Dryer Jet


  • Easy Install 9460 & 9460 - A
  • #9460  No on-site wiring. The 9460 turns on and off when the dryer turns on and off . . . automatically. Adjustable Air Pressure Sensing Switch (PS-35) is mounted on fan and pre-wired at factory with 10 foot line cord. Includes probe. Just Plug it in!
  • #9460 -A  Easy Install 9460 with a built-in alarm.
  • #9450 has 2 lead wires and a ground wire. Can be used with a pressure switch (Acme PS-35).
  • #9455 has a 10 foot cord with in-line switch and grounded plug for manual operation.
  • PS-35 Air Pressure Sensing Switch (included with 9460, 9460 - A).
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